Codex of the Synapse: Folio C2.3

Toilets as Portals: The Profane and the Sacred


"Through me the way that runs among the lost....."   ~ Dante,  Inferno: Canto III;2



Strangers to the Synapse often express surprise, even indignation, at the proliferation of toilets, or toilet-images, they find within it. It seems strange at first that such a sacred task - preserving the structural integrity of the Continuum - should be consigned to a vessel so inherently profane. Yet The Synapse depends on portals, and the toilet is perhaps the most intimate portal we possess. It is our private oblivion, and whatever we send through its gates is knowingly banished irrevocably from our familiar domain.

Through ordinary doors we casually pass and return, pass and return. Through habitual use, such doors become invisible, impotent and meaningless as portals. The rooms they connect become fused into one homogeneous place. By contrast, the "room" beyond the toilet's threshold, is never brooched, thus never conflated with the room before it. Passage is one-way, obscure, and eternal, a likely route to the Underworld, or to the place between worlds.