Codex of the Synapse: Folio C1.1

The Synapse Experience

"Dear Mr. Question-Man,
I read recently that the world is round, and that, at this very moment, there are people living upside-down. How is it that they do not fall off?
Dear Confused,
You are suffering from a grave misconception. People are falling off all the time."
~ Ernie Kovacs


In the strictest usage of the term, Synapse Experience refers to what The Keepers actually undergo in The Synapse. Standing in the limina between worlds cannot be described in terms of ordinary sense-experience, since our senses themselves belong to a local-world, not to the void between worlds. More often in the Codex, The Keepers will invoke dreams or local-world phenomena that describe one facet or another of this elusive experience.

They also will say that such description is unnecessary, since The Synapse Experience is happening to us all the time, assuming various disguises. In a sense, regardless of the location of the Synapse, we continually brush up against it, or against the fragile walls of our local world. This can occur in many ways: as dreams, visions, moments of unreality, insanity, epiphany, and - most surreptitiously - as memory.

The Keepers sometimes compare the experience to writing down a simple word, one that you have written a thousand times before, and suddenly being unsure, even suspicious, of its spelling. In an instant, the familiarity of the word has vaporized. No amount of staring at the word on the page will coax it back into the realm of the habitual, of the invisible. It is as if a kind of self-hypnosis is necessary to maintain our precarious steps along the tightrope of our world-lattice, and we are being constantly jarred to awakeness by the hypnotist' snapping fingers in the heaving universes next door.