Codex of the Synapse: Folio D1.4

The Question of Banality



Of all the remnants and traces left behind by The Keepers, the long fragments of Pattern Language Script are by far the most prevalent. The Keepers' transcriptions can be found beautifully articulated in every Synaptic codex, but also scratched haphazrdly into the plaster of Synapse ruins, scribbled onto the backs of ordinary wastepaper and shop receipts, and even lazily traced in the mud near some sites. The script appears in the most banal, even profane, of places. Should the historian of the Keepers thus consider it something trivial, and accord it no more significance than patterns left by tire tracks on a beach? Or, is it a testament to the Keepers' devotion for the Ritual of the Transcription, that its palimpsests are left everywhere, excluding no place from casual consecration.