Codex of the Synapse: Folio C3.1

The Four Domains of Synaptic Loci



One imagines Synaptic Loci occurring in such grand and sacred sites such as the Library at Alexandria, The Hagia Sofia, or the Giant Stupa at Bodhnath. In reality, although such revered sacred sites are often viable Synapse locations, The Synapse is as likely to appear in inconspicuous, even profane places. Loci have been found in steam tunnels, game arcades, phone booths, circus wagons, train stations, toilet stalls, mills, and even, in one well-documented case, a tuberculosis sanitarium.

The Keepers believe appearances of the Synapse in local-world loci are determined by the intersection of four sets of symbolic coordinates, set in a spherical formation. The Keepers offer little in the way of explanation for what each of these axes actually plot, but by working backwards, linking characteristics of documented Synapse Sites with their recorded coordinates, a rough symbolic system emerges, in which each of the four set of coordinates corresponds to a Domain. Every appearance of the Synapse occurs at the intersection of these Domains.

The X-axis, measuring vertical ("sky") angles places the Synapse in the opposition between the academic, intellectual, deductive, or abstract (+90°), and the intuitive, sensual, inductive, and empirical. (-90°) (Male/Female Domains in some sources).

The Y-axis measuring horizontal ("horizon") angles places the Synapse between the Domain of Theatrical Artifice (+90°)and the Domain of Representational Fragments (-90°). These poles map the essential Gödelian duality between wholeness without consistency and consistency without wholeness.

These two coordinates are sufficient to place the Synapse anywhere on a symbolic hemisphere, roughly corresponding to a view of the celestial dome from a fixed point. The third coordinate describes the proportional distance between the viewer, or point of origin and that dome. The Z-axis like the others is a dualistic axis and thus can have a negative value, which in this spatial model implies the hidden anti-hemisphere, or the anti-dome beneath the feet of the viewer - the Dark Side of the Moon, as it were.

The z-axis situates the Synapse locus between the material/secular/profane (+100%) and the uncanny/spiritual/and sacred (-100%). The terms Templus and Templum are used to describe these Domains.

The final axis is the only measurement that exists as a non-duality, and is quantified only as positive values between 0 and Infinity. Spatially it corresponds to the absolute radius of the sphere defined by the other three coordinates (the "100%" against which the proportional value of the z-axis is measured.)

The Q-axis indicates the degree to which a Synaptic locus is manifested in local-world images, as opposed to existing in a state of pure pattern, or emptiness. An infinite value for Q would indicate a local-world without gaps, completely reclaimed from pattern (an impossibility, according to the Keepers). Conversely, a value of zero indicates the total emptiness of the Synapse itself, or the original and inevitable First State. It is essentially the axis of presence and absence.