Codex of the Synapse: Folio C2.2

The Guide Entity

From mirror after mirror,
No vanity's displayed,
I'm looking for the face I had
before the world was made


In many ways the Synapse seems designed for navigation. Indeed, since navigation within the Synapse is essential to the flux and motion of the world-lattices, it makes sense that The Continuum would evolve the Synapse to be user-friendly, just as a fruit evolves to be tasty, so that seeds of the tree that bore it might spread.

The Guide Entity has evolved to mitigate the terror and disorientation that accompanies traveling between worlds. In the Synapse, as the white noise of Pattern Language is reclaimed into local-world images, its first apparition is The Guide Entity, often taking the form of a visor or mask. The Guide-Entity's eyes function both as the protective gaze of a companion/guide and as windows through which to peer into a neighbor-world. Through the eyes of the Guide Entity, we watch the formation of secondary portals: mirrors, doors, toilets, chimneys, wells, etc. Through these portals, in turn, we peer into - then pass into - further portals, leading by increments into the resolved image of a neighbor-world. There is no limit to the number of stages a world may go through to completely appear. The process of reclamation, like so much in the Synapse, may be asymptotic, approaching but never attaining completion.

Perhaps this explains the power attributed to masks in cultures throughout our own local-world. To look into the eyes of the mask is to look backwards through the process of a world forming, back into the pure pattern and primordial nothingness of the Synapse.



A1.3 Lattice of Lattices: The Continuum
A2.2 White-noise Mnemonics: Pattern Language
A2.5 Pattern Language Reclamation
C2.1 Portals and Portality
C2.3 Toilets as Thresholds