Codex of the Synapse: Folio A2.5

Pattern Language Reclamation




Each world in the Synapse exists in a precarious tug-of-war between World-image Decay and Pattern Language Reclamation. The latter is the process by which a world captures and translates a phrase of Pattern Language into its own local-images, a transformation of form into content.

The Pattern Language is continually passing through the lattices of the Continuum, like ambient white noise. A particular lattice may resonate with a phrase of pattern passing through from a neighbor-lattice. This resonant frequency, plucked from the noise of Pure Pattern, becomes the formal armature for an image - a local-world variation on the theme contained in the Pattern Phrase, passed from one world, and reclaimed by another.

The Keepers do not specify just how much of our image of the world is "indigenous" and how much reclaimed from the Synapse. One can easily imagine our own local-world to be, in its entirety, nothing more than the translated image of a neighbor world.

Are all of our perceptions and experiences no more than Pattern Language hand-me-downs, assigned familiar forms, while we stand in the void between worlds? Is the location of the Synapse so elusive because we are really inside it? If this is so, ascertaining the location of the Synapse may be a pointless search for the forest among the trees.