Codex of the Synapse: Folio C2.1

Here/Thereness: Portals and Portality




So tenaciously do we cling to our familiar local-world images, that we could enter the Synapse or a neighbor-world beyond it without even being aware we have done so. A sign is often necessary, a marker, to show that a border has been crossed, a wall breached. The portals that pervade the Synapse - as visions of gates, mirrors, doors, windows, eyes and eyepieces, wells, stages, fireplaces and even toilets - serve as those markers. The presence of a threshold is essential when the walls themselves are invisible or inconceivable.

The Synapse is often described as a hall, a vast place with many doors. Other accounts say the Synapse is not the hall, but the doors themselves, and like all thresholds, dimensionless, not really a place at all. In either case, the Keepers place little emphasis on what one discovers behind these doors. The contents of the neighbor-worlds hold little interest for them. For them, the crux of the Synapse experience lies in the act of passage. In a navigating their labyrinth of recursions, through doors that lead into rooms of doors, the real revelation lies in the structure that gradually unfolds, not in the wallpaper adorning the rooms.