Codex of the Synapse: Folio A1.3

Lattice of Lattices: The Continuum



"Stability is change. Change is stability."  Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth


The Continuum is the sum of all the interwoven world-lattices . An amalgam of the infinitely many worlds, The Continuum is so named because it fills superspace, forming a dense, continuous volume. The Keepers assert that the Continuum is the only solid thing in existence, but they affirm this with a wink, knowing that the worlds that make up this solid are themselves porous, filled only with arranged absences.

The Continuum is fragile. Universes are not static systems. The lattices are perpetually expanding or collapsing, pursuing their localized cycles of evolution. Just as a skyscraper or suspension bridge must endure the oscillations of wind and temperature change, the Continuum must be able to absorb and compensate for the movement of the universes it contains. A bridge is constructed with expansion gaps to accommodate such movement, and so, too, does the Continuum possess an expansion gap. It is like a great hole, a core drilled through the strata of every single universe. The presence of this gap that allows the Continuum to remain flexible. Without it, in such a tightly woven web of interlocked grids, system-wide fractures would occur, total collapse, oblivion - an event foreseen by the Keepers in the Uncreation Myth.

Because it lies at the intersection of all the lattices, the gap is a part of every universe - the one point through which access to other worlds is possible, like an elevator that runs among the floors of a building, yet belongs to none of them.

The Keepers call this gap the Synapse.