Codex of the Synapse: Folio D4.2

The Map Makes the World: Self-Actualizing History




As I conduct my exploration and reconstruction of the Synapse, I am haunted by the feeling that each fragment I uncover, rather than having been long-buried, only in fact came into existence at the moment I discovered it. It is all too easy. There are no dead-ends in this labyrinth. Every line of inquiry, no matter how capricious, dove-tails neatly with the rest of the structure. It is as if the act of searching creates, rather than reveals, each fragment. If this suspicion is correct, then my actions in compiling the Codex of the Synapse are what bring the Synapse itself into being. I find myself trapped in a self-actualizing history, in which the chronicling of the events causes them happen, or more accurately, causes them to have already happened.