Codex of the Synapse: Folio D1.1

Sacred Dust: The Synapse in Fragments



".....As I bowed my head to the Wall, much as I tried to focus on my prayers, I could not put out the thought from my head: This wall is all that is left of the Temple, but is it really all we have? If the other walls are now reduced to sand, where then are the grains? Dust never vanishes, never dies out. Like us, it only migrates."
Lev Cohen, Letters from Jerusalem : 1910-1948


No definite site exists for the Synapse, only fragments dispersed throughout the local-world. The diffusion of its ruins, like the dispersal of its custodians, is all but complete. A Keeper's proverb declares, "I have no need to travel in search of the Synapse, for over time it travels to find me." The finer the fragments of something, and the longer it has been fragmented, the more widespread its proliferation will be. Probability says that a few molecules of the dust that settles my desk, as I write these words, came from Krakatoa, another few from Hiroshima, and perhaps one raised from the ashes of Troy.

The omnipresence of Synapse fragments would seem to have made the task of reconstructing it easier. The opposite is true. How does one grasp something that is everywhere, yet nowhere; ubiquitous, yet invisibly assimilated? Even if I can isolate the fragments from their local-world camouflage, how can I hope to reassemble the Synapse in its entirety from such miniscule parts? And this leads me to a greater question - were they ever assembled to begin with?

The fragmentation and diffusion is continuing. Recycled, recirculated, and further diffused, the fragments will eventually dissolve totally, becoming inextricable from non-Synapse matter on the scale of pure lattice-energy. At this point, the Keepers say, the Synapse and the local-world will occupy the same space, and the Uncreation will occur.