Synapse Codex B2.1

Diaspora of the Keepers


"Without a sacred book to join them, as the scriptures do for Israel, without a common memory, without that other common memory which is a language, scattered over the face of the earth , diverse in color and features, one thing alone - the Secret - unites them and will unite them to the end of time."



Unlike many of the Great Diasporas of local-world history, the scattering of the Keepers cannot be traced to any cataclysmic event, regime of persecution, or natural catastrophe. Evidence of the Synapse and its guardians appears at the earliest junctures of ancient civilization, so if such an event did occur, it predates any written historical record.

Most likely however, the scattering of the Keepers was by choice rather than circumstance. As the custodians of the Synapse, The Keepers oversee the mechanics of the entire Continuum. Without a well-maintained gap between the worlds, the universe - all universes - fracture and collapse. The Keepers were understandably cautious about concentrating themselves and their knowledge in one area, or in one culture.

This makes the task of an ethnologist studying the Keepers impossible, or at least irrelevant. Outside of their association with the Synapse, The Keepers have no cultural signature. They possess the language, the religion, the moral code, and the customs of their assimilated cultures. A Keeper who is also a Muslim, is no less devoted to his faith than any other Muslim, but he may understand and articulate the Synapse in terms of the Qu'ran, a mythology through which the mytharchy of the Synapse can find expression.