Codex of the Synapse: Folio B1.1

The Keepers



"Nowhere Man, the world is at your command."    

John Lennon


The Keepers are the self-appointed Guardians of the Synapse. As a group, they are loosely formed, constituting neither an ethnicity nor a sect. By design or by circumstance they are scattered throughout every culture in our local-world, adapting their Mytharchy to the mythology of whatever belief system they have adopted over time. With neither historical records nor common language, nor shared beliefs (outside of belief in The Synapse itself) it is impossible to ascertain whether The Keepers - and the Synapse they guard - still exist. If they do, it is not in hiding, so much as in the disguises of the everyday world.

It is even possible that many Keepers themselves are so assimilated into their adopted cultures that they continue to guard the Synapse, while unaware of their own identity as Keepers. This poses a unique problem for a historians of the Keepers, who may find they are unknowingly investigating themselves, in circular pursuit of a history that unfolds only as it is written.



  • B2.1 Diaspora of the Keepers
  • B1.2 The Uncreation Myth: Synaptic Apocalypse
  • B3.1 The Transcription Ritual
  • B2.2 Mytharchy
  • D4.3 Am I the Keepers?