Codex of the Synapse: Folio D2.2

The Chain of Commentary



To undertake a complete reconstruction and translation of the Codex of the Synapse may be futile. The folios are invariably accompanied by Commentaries, which have become seemlessly integrated into the text itself over time. Many of these Commentaries themselves have Commentaries, footnotes within footnotes, in an endless chain of clarification (or obfuscation). It may be futile to excavate these strata of notes, layer by layer, looking for the bedrock of the original Codex. Such a search, in the end, may yield only a commentary on an imagined source, dreamed up out of nothing. The ultimate Codex may not be bedrock after all, but instead a well.  In one recently discovered commentary, a note in the margins offers a glimpse into the sort of anxiety this produces in historians of the Synapse (indeed, in all historians): "As I make these very notes on the Codex, I fear my supposed work of translation may in fact be a work of authorship."