Staff and Research Associates


Founder and Research Director, Alex Kahn
Alex Kahn has been exploring The Synapse for nearly ten years. He graduated in 1989 from Harvard College, with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. The following year, he travelled to Nepal on a Peabody Gardner Fellowship from Harvard University. His extensive studies of Vajryana Buddhist scroll-painting provided him with the first substantial proof of the existence of The Synapse - the interstitial place between multiple worlds - and The Keepers, the elusive guardians of this place. Fragments of his research have been exhibited at Southern Exposure and Refusalon Gallery in San Francisco, The Kitchen Performance Center in New York, the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, and the Instituto Allende in Mexico. He is currently on the faculty of Maine College of Art, doing research on Synaptic Loci in the sewers of Paris, and is continuing his translation and restoration of The Codex of the Synapse.