Archive of the Synapse: Mission Statement


The AOS was founded in 1999 to promote study of the Synapse and to preserve the mythology of its self-appointed guardians, the Keepers. The Archive houses a rare collection of Synaptic manuscripts, ritual objects, historical replicas, and mechanical simulacra.

The current project of the Archive is the restoration of The Synapse Codex. Composed by the Keepers as the vessel for their central myth, the Codex maps and chronicles the Synapse, the interstitial space that lies between multiple worlds. Many of the folios from this Codex are lost, or exist only in fragments. Scattered not only as physical remnants, but also as cultural excerpts embedded within the texts and imagery of local-world traditions, these disparate pages are linked to one another by a tenuous web of cross-reference and allusion.

As with the reconstruction of any ruin, the painstaking process of restoring the Codex - and the Synapse itself - requires many patches to bridge the gaps of what has been lost. Histories always grow from a dialogue between elective fact and imaginative necessity.