Codex of the Synapse: Folio B2.4

Winkie Primers and String Lessons: Keeper's Toys




The preparation of a Keeper begins early. The complexities of Synaptic geometry are best learned when a child is pre-literate, and well before an unhealthy belief in the concreteness of the local-world has been allowed to set in. At various times in various cultures, toys and games were created to allow children to discover through play the basic principles of the world-lattice, Continuum, and the Synapse itself. Later games, using ordinary means, such cards and dice, simulated travel through the labyrinth of the Folios, and trained children in the art and perils of non-linear thought, recursive logic, and the Revelations of Chaos.

A common toddlers toy, made from a simple wooden frame and bits of string, simulated lattices of various symmetries. Abundant was the praise for a child who created two or more interlocking lattices that did not touch. The game of cat's cradle may have originated for Keepers among nomadic tribes, who simply eliminated the bulky frame in favor of fingers. Other recent contribution of Synaptic Mytharchy to children's entertainment, is the "winkie", a plastic card which changes image as the viewing angle shifts. A Keeper most likely conceived of the winkie as a perfect illustration of coexisting neighbor-worlds.