Codex of the Synapse: Folio A2.4

Pattern Language Reclamation Modules


Inside the Synapse, Pattern Language Reclamation, the process by which the structural imprints of neighbor-worlds are translated images and sensory content, focuses around mechanisms called Pattern Language Reclamation Modules (PRLMs). These devices act as lightining rods for ambient pattern language, capturing and converting it into perceivable sensory forms. The PLRMs are like player-pianos, transforming the holes in a paper roll - a pattern of presences and absences - into a musical image.

The PLRMs, like the Pattern Language they decode, can assume as many forms as the Synapse itself. In the Forest of Memory, they appear as trees. In the Mythic Elevator, they are activated by the pressing of buttons. The Keepers sought to mitigate the terror of standing in the space between worlds by furnishing the Synapse with the comforting presence of mechanical precision or structural elegance. It is unclear, and also irrelevant, whether the PLRMs ultimately exist as "real" machines, or as anything other than images translating images. For a Keeper travelling in the disorienting interstices of the worlds, the PLRMs are like a thin branch one might grasp for balance while traversing a stream on a narrow log. Too weak to support a person's weight, the branch, in conveying the comforting illusion of stability, actually steadies the traveller, making the illusion real.